Creating an inclusive Financial system
Ripple Brand Anthem

In 2021, Voron's team created and delivered Ripple's first Brand Anthem. It is a comprehensive short story about Ripple’s vision and how their end users benefit from their products and services. From a small business owner in Southeast Asia to a migrant worker from Central America, these heroes seek greater economic opportunity for themselves, their families and businesses. 

The team took the opportunity to capture these subjects in their unique environments. The stylistic approach was to caputure real people in their real lives. The Brand Anthem depicts how Ripple technology has impacted their lives for the better.

On a Quest for the Spectacular
Dolby Brand Anthem

The team developed Dolby’s first  brand anthem that educates on what Dolby creates and, more importantly, on why Dolby strives to create spectacular experiences. Shot mostly within Dolby offices, and at times using Dolby employees, we produced this piece in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for the cinema and the home. After launching the video internally at key employee events, Dolby marketing coordinated an external launch across multiple touchpoints during CES in January 2018, focused primarily on social and digital channels.

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