Voron’s role at Ripple also included media design. His team of filmmakers, photographers and motion graphic experts developed much of Ripple’s media content in house. Given that Ripple’s business reaches many audiences in different ways, Voron realized that telling those stories through video and photography is important to aid understanding. Across all media, his team sought to celebrate the people who help bring Ripple’s vision to life and feel the impact of that vision. During his two years at Ripple, the media design team showcased many global stories that re-imagined the future of how money moves around the world and helps improve people’s lives. His team also evolved their first media brand campaign, Got It, with a refreshed series of short films targeting consumers and B2B partners in India, Philippines, United Kingdom and the Middle East.

In keeping with the Core Creative Idea, Vision In Action, that his team developed in 2020, the revised 'Got It' campaign showcased Ripple's customers as heroes - authentic, confident, and optimistic.The actors in the 'Got It 2.0' films are likeable and relatable.  The actors projected integrity and commitment. His team also ensured that the cast would always reflect the true diversity of Ripple's international audience. His team avoided reinforcing stereotypes around race, ethnicity and gender. They strove for regional authenticity and a respect for cultural nuance in depicting customs, religion, and values. Regardless of economic status, the Ripple heroes in the films his team produced intentionally did not evoke pity or be shown as lesser than. They are not victims, they are striving to improve their lifes. Core to Ripple's mission of fostering financial inclusion, the individuals depicted in their storytelling are creating a better life for themselves, their families, and those they work with. 

On a Quest for the Spectacular
Dolby Brand Anthem

The team developed Dolby’s first  brand anthem that educates on what Dolby creates and, more importantly, on why Dolby strives to create spectacular experiences. Shot mostly within Dolby offices, and at times using Dolby employees, we produced this piece in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for the cinema and the home. After launching the video internally at key employee events, Dolby marketing coordinated an external launch across multiple touchpoints during CES in January 2018, focused primarily on social and digital channels.

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